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The program Right to Information and its Otevřete.cz (Open It) project support the accessibility of public administration. The aim of this project is to support people exercise their right to information, ensure the required accessibility of public service and at the same time promote people's ability to participate in the public decision-making process through institutes which are available for these purposes in democratic societies. The web pages, which are a part of this project, are not only a source of information but also a counseling center.


The Open Society, public benefit company, is a non-governmental, non-profit organization which promotes the consolidation of civil society in the Czech Republic by developing and promoting policies based on law and good governance, legal state, democratic state administration, and human rights protection.

Counseling Center - In 2008, 110 questions were answered and viewed by 717,491 visitors.

Counseling and Legal Support - We provide counseling and legal support in litigations over access to information. 3 lawsuits were filed on the basis of our counseling.

INFOLIGA System - The system creates a competitive environment for public service offices.

Open vs. Closed Competition  - In 2008, the 6th year of the contest was held. This year there was a record-breaking number of nominations (almost 70, compared to the 30-40 from the previous years).

Legislative Initiative - The implementation of sanctions for violating the Free Access to Information Act was proposed within the scope of the prepared amendment.

Media Support - Oldřich Kužílek, Open Society, p.b.c. representative participated in preparing some episodes of Focusing on Citizen of the Czech Radio 6 program. There were a total of 10 episodes, the individual topics were also promoted in the daily press, Regiony magazine and websites (Open vs. Closed Competition, CTI case).


In 2008, the Open Society p.b.c. participated in the form of a lecture in a seminar for participants from Armenia organized by the civic association Agora. The lecture focused on possibilities to enforce the rights to information, models for continuous monitoring of transparency, suggestions regarding transparency elements in the authorities' organization.

Cooperating Organizations:

  •  Transparency International CR
  • Oživení o.s.
  • AOP, Asociace občanských poraden
  • Environmental Law Service
  • Green Circle
  • Czech PSI Watch Initiative
  • Iuridicum Remedium o.s.

The Freedom of Information Act

Act of 11 May 1999 n. 106/1999 Coll. on free access to information (july 2011 up to date version) 

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Zlatý erb 2014

Otevřená společnost opět hodnotila zveřejňování povinných informací na webech finalistů 16. ročníku soutěže Zlatý Erb. Nejlepším poskytovatelem informací se pro letošní ročník stala obec Tisá. Její zástupci zároveň  převzali cenu Jana Savického - zakladatele soutěže. 


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